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Spherical Roller Bearing

Ball-bearing is a bearing composed of rolling bearings, which can maintain the distance between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, thereby achieving smooth, high-speed movement and reducing friction. They can bear both radial and axial loads so that they can be developed for various applications, load types, and speeds.

Ball bearings are usually made of stainless steel, ceramic, or chrome steel, but the materials and overall design vary greatly depending on the specific job. It can also include flanges, cages, and multi-row bearings to achieve higher performance to meet specific application requirements.

Different ball bearings offer other properties like performance, speed, reliability, load capacity, durability, and precision. They are used in a wide range of devices and several various industries. Some of the widely used applications of ball bearings are aviation cargo systems, engines, agriculture industry, heavy equipment and machinery, solar panels, medical equipment, automobile industry, powerhouses, and many others.

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The aspherical roller bearing is a bearing that has two rows of rollers, a common sphered outer ring raceway, and two inner ring raceways inclined at an angle to the bearing axis. The sphere’s center point in the outer ring raceway is the bearing axis. Therefore, the spherical roller bearings are self-aligning and insensitive to misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing, which can be caused, for example, by shaft deflection.

Features of Spherical roller bearings:

Spherical roller bearings are designed to accommodate heavy radial loads and heavy axial loads in both directions. Spherical roller bearings can be divided into several types according to their design and features: Sealed spherical roller bearings, CA type spherical roller bearings, E type spherical roller bearings, CC type spherical roller bearings, MB type spherical roller bearings, MA type spherical roller bearings, Single Row Self-Aligning Roller Bearings and E1 type spherical roller bearings.

(1) Sealed spherical roller bearings

The sealed spherical roller bearing is a spherical roller bearing with sealing shields mounted on the external edge of both sides of the direction.

Sealed spherical roller bearings can significantly increase bearing service life in contaminated environments. These bearings are pre-lubricated with specially formulated grease and filled with highly effective contact seals. These protect against particles entering the bearing and act as barriers against the lubricant leaving the path.

Applications of Sealed spherical roller bearings:

Sealed spherical roller bearings are suitable for various applications, including ng elevators, off-highway and agricultural machinery, fans and fluid machinery, food and beverage equipment, conveyors, and some small electric motors. In many applications, these Sealed spherical roller bearings can be considered lubricated for the life of the path. As outlined above, this product achieves longer life, which means a stable level of equipment operation and a reduction in maintenance costs. By eliminating or extending prefabrication intervals, Sealed spherical roller bearings can significantly reduce the cost of purchasing, applying, and disposal of grease. Reduced maintenance costs will, in many cases, substantially reduce the total cost of ownership of an application.

(2) CA type Spherical Roller Bearing

CA type Spherical Roller Bearing is a spherical roller bearing with a holding rib on the inner ring, a floating guide ring between the double-rows of rollers centered on the inner circle, and a brass double prong-type cage fixed on it – suffix. CA. Spherical roller bearings are robust, self-restraining construction assemblies with double-rows of symmetrical spherical roller bearings. The axis of the roller rows is inclined at an angle to the turning axis of the bearing. The raceway in the outer ring is spherically formed so that the double-row roller assembly can adjust itself easily in case of misalignment or shaft deflections. The extremely high load capacity, angle-adjustable self-adjusting roller bearings are used where high impact radial dynamic forces have to be absorbed, and misalignment or more considerable shaft deflections are expected. They exist in many designs – from standard bearings to industry-specific specialized bearings.

Applications of Cylindrical Roller Bearings:

CA type Spherical Roller Bearings are widely used in gearboxes, turbines, mechanical fans, constructions equipment, mining equipment and drilling equipment, heavy machinery, wind power, port machinery, etc.  CA type Spherical Roller Bearings can be used for Vibratory applications and wind energy and high-speed applications.

(3) CC type spherical roller bearings

CC-type spherical roller bearings are a kind of spherical roller bearings with two stamped window-type steel cages, an inner ring without flanges, and a floating guide ring centered on the inner circle. The roller and raceway surface of CC type bearing has been optimized and processed; this is helpful for roller guidance and reduces friction.

What is CC in a bearing?

CC refers to the suffix in the bearing type code. CC means stamping steel cage. Stamped sheet steel cages are made of low-carbon steel. These lightweight cages have relatively high strength and can be surface treated for some bearing types to reduce friction further and wear in critical conditions.

Applications of CC type spherical roller bearings:

There are various designs and applications for CC-type spherical roller bearings, and their design is specific to their industrial application and load type. CC type spherical roller bearings with high load capacities are suitable for many applications that are widely used in heavy applications such as commonly used in Gearbox, metallurgical industry, paper machinery, mining machinery; enough stock, fast delivery, high quality, and competitive price will help you save much factory production cost.

(4) Single row self-aligning roller bearings

Single row self-aligning roller bearings (also called “Barrel Bearings”) are a kind of roller bearings with solid outer rings with a concave raceway, solid inner rings with two ribs, and cylindrical, tapered bore, as well as barrel rollers with cages.

Single row self-aligning roller bearings are particularly suitable for high radial shock type loads, and misalignments must be compensated; see the section on the compensation of angular misalignments. They have only a low axial load-carrying capacity.

Single row self-aligning roller bearings Features:

Single row self-aligning roller bearings with solid brass cages have the suffix MB. The suffix TVP indicates solid window cages made from glass fiber reinforced polyamide. The cells are guided by the inner ring.

Applications of Single row self-aligning roller bearings:

Single row self-aligning roller bearings are suitable for compensating angular misalignments where there is skewing between the outer and inner ring. As a result of the line contact between the rolling elements and raceways, they can support very high radial loads, even if shock-type loads occur. In contrast, axial load carrying capacity is low.

The use of Single row self-aligning roller bearings has benefited many industries:



Industrial gearboxes

mining machinery


Textile machinery

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