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Self-aligning Ball Bearings

Ball-bearing is a bearing composed of rolling bearings, which can maintain the distance between the inner and outer rings of the bearing, thereby achieving smooth, high-speed movement and reducing friction. They can bear both radial and axial loads so that they can be developed for various applications, load types, and speeds.

Ball bearings are usually made of stainless steel, ceramic, or chrome steel, but the materials and overall design vary greatly depending on the specific job. It can also include flanges, cages, and multi-row bearings to achieve higher performance to meet specific application requirements.

Different ball bearings offer other properties like performance, speed, reliability, load capacity, durability, and precision. They are used in a wide range of devices and several various industries. Some of the widely used applications of ball bearings are aviation cargo systems, engines, agriculture industry, heavy equipment and machinery, solar panels, medical equipment, automobile industry, powerhouses, and many others.

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Self-aligning Ball Bearingsare a kind of ball bearing with two rows of balls (called “races”). The inner ring has two raceways, and the outer ring has a spherical raceway whose center of curvature coincides with the bearing axis. In this way, the axis of the inner circle, the ball, and the cage can be deflected around the bearing center, thereby correcting the misalignment caused by the machining or installation errors of the bearing seat and the shaft.

They are available to be open or sealed. The bearings are insensitive to angular misalignment of the shaft relative to the housing.

Self-aligning Ball Bearings Types:

Self-aligning Ball Bearings can provide a variety of sizes, materials, and types according to consumer needs, including particular industrial uses, such as high-temperature applications.

They have mainly three self-aligning ball bearings: Self-aligning ball bearings-open type, Sealed self-aligning ball bearings, and Self-aligning ball bearings with an extended inner ring. Depending on the application, they can also be made into different sizes and loads, from miniature ball bearings for light loads and trim components to large Self-aligning Ball Bearings.

(1) Self-aligning ball bearings-open type

Self-aligning ball bearings-open type is a kind of self-aligning ball bearings with two rows of balls, a common sphere raceway in the outer ring, and two deep uninterrupted raceway grooves in the inner circle. The open type means the bearings are not sealed.

Product Features and Benefits:

– Accommodate static and dynamic misalignment

-The bearings are self-aligning like spherical roller bearings or CARB bearings.

-Excellent high-speed performance

-Self-aligning ball bearings generate less friction than any other type of rolling bearing, enabling them to run cooler even at high speeds.

-Minimum maintenance

-Because of low heat generation, the bearing temperature is lower, leading to extended bearing life and maintenance intervals.

-Low friction

-Very loose conformity between balls and outer ring keeps friction and frictional heat at low levels.

-Excellent light load performance

-Self-aligning ball bearings have low minimum load requirements.

-Low noise

-Self-aligning ball bearings can reduce noise and vibration levels, for example, in fans.

Applications of Self-aligning ball bearings-open type:

Self-aligning ball bearings open type is suitable for applications involving misalignment between the axis and housing centers, axis deflection, etc. Using an adapter facilitates mounting a tapered bore bearing on the axis.

(2) Sealed self-aligning ball bearings

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are a common type of self-aligning ball bearings. The bearing seal ring is a bearing seal, especially a ball bearing seal ring. The ball-bearing seal ring has two circular protrusions extending upward on one end surface of the circular ring. The bearing seal ring has the characteristics of preventing grease from catching fire, avoiding frequent oiling, and simple structure. It is widely used in bearings. Sealed self-aligning ball bearings have a contact seal on both sides made of oil and wear-resistant NBR and reinforced with a sheet steel insert (designation suffix 2RS). We can supply different cage types, such as Stamped steel, PA66 glass fiber reinforced and Machined brass.

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings application

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are widely used in the paper industry, Gear Box, Spinning machines, plastic machinery, medical equipment, and all kinds of industrial machinery.

(3) Self-aligning ball bearings with an extended inner ring

Self-aligning ball bearings with an extended inner ring are standard self-aligning ball bearings. Self-aligning ball bearings with a symbolic inner ring are designed for less demanding applications that use commercial grade shafting. Self-aligning ball bearings with an extended inner ring are located axially on the shaft using a slot at one end of the inner circle that engages a pin or shoulder screw fitted to the post. The holding device also prevents the shaft from spinning in the bearing bore.

Self-aligning ball bearings with an extended inner ring application

Sealed self-aligning ball bearings are widely used in the paper industry, Gear Box, Spinning machines, plastic machinery, medical equipment, and all kinds of industrial machinery.

The use of Self-aligning Ball Bearings has benefited many industries:

Industrial fans


Material handling

Food and beverage

Pulp and paper Rail transport

Wind energy

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